Oil drilling solids control hydrocyclone

Solids control hydrocyclone is 2nd and 3rd phase equipment. In oil drilling solids control hydrocyclones are widely used to separate particles sized 15~74 microns

Solids control hydrocyclone

solids control hydrocyclone

solids control hydrocyclone

Oilfield drilling mud process request many different steps. Hydrocyclone separators come after shale shaker. They mainly get rid of solids (also called cuttings) of 15~74 microns. Hydrocyclones including many models including 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″. But popular hydrocyclone in solids control are 4″, 10″. All models are divided by max. diameter.

With different diameters they will get rid of various particles. For example, 4″ cone will get rid of 15~47 microns solids and we call it as hydrocyclone desilter or desilter separator. The 10″ cones will be the desander separator used to separate solids larger than 47 microns.

Hydorcyclones can be used as single desander, desilter or combined with bottom shaker. If we combine desander cone, desilter cone and shale shaker together then it will be the mud cleaner

More hydrocyclone information

Presently, most Hydrocyclones are made of polyurethane. It’s a very durable material to bear heavy abrasion and corrosion. For solids control, the cuttings in drilling fluid will abrade much on cones internal wall. Also some corrosive chemicals and oil content will lead cones wear. But even the cones work in 1 year synchronously with oil rig it won’t be broken. That’s why contractors select high quality polyurethane cones. Moreover, some manufacturer will embed ceramic in cones boy or the drop in Apex for longer service life

The hydrocyclones can be installed with the victaulic coupling on grooved inlet and output. They also can be installed with bolts connected flange on ports and pipes on separator. Some supplier will provide the combination design, for example, the inlet is bolted type but output is coupled type.

Solids control hydrocyclone wearing parts

Aipu is professional solids control manufacturer. We often get inquiry on hydrocyclone and related spare parts. Hydrocyclones are parts in deed for mud cleaner or desander/desilter separator. For hydrocyclone, there are head, cone, Apex, coupling, bolts, the small seal for coupling

For some desilter hydrocyclones may request the elbow (180° or 90°). Actually, we don’t suggest clients change little wearing parts for hydrocyclone but the cyclones assembly. As different suppliers design vary significantly on little parts. 100% insured compliance will be best solution for any parts.


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