Skid mounted jet shearing unit

Jet shearing unit is the combination of shearing pump and mud mixing hopper. Users prefer such configuration to common separated shearing pump or mud mixing pump. Aipu has a configuration for users’ convenient handling and installation. Please find following detail

Jet shearing unit description

Jet shearing unit

Jet shearing unit

Considering easy and convenient transportation and handling we design 2 functioned equipment on one skid. This skid mounted jet shearing unit including 2 mixing hopper pump, an extra hopper, and 1 shearing pump.

Any mixing hopper pump can be used as spare one for any urgency failure. The capacity is customizable according to users’ demand. The power will be configured accordingly. For example, if we request 120m³/h flow rate, the pump may be fit with 37KW motor.

The unit will be typical oilfield 3 runner skid mounted with the pull pipe and slugs.

Design jet shearing unit for old user

Presently, we are designing a jet shearing unit for our old client. They request pumps fit with 55KW motor and controlled by control panel with soft start. The soft start will definitely help much on protecting motors and whole unit

The platform main bar will be made of 25# I beam. Floor is 8mm checker plate. Mixing hopper and mixing pumps can be replaced for each other. The whole platform is 6500x2830x1850mm. They don’t need awning for saving more weight and space. If other users prefer the awning we’ll design and configure a suitable one for better protection

Other suggestion on jet shearing unit

Such jet shearing unit is suitable for users don’t configure shearing pump or mixing hopper pump in their present mud system or the jet mixing hopper and shearing pump are difficult to operate. It is more convenient to be transported from one place to another.

No matter for oil&gas drilling or HDD mud process, the complete mixing and shearing will benefit much on whole well drilling project. Please toward to Aipu solids control for customized configuration.


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