Hydraulic driven decanter centrifuge information for your reference

Hydraulic driven decanter centrifuge is centrifuge assembly with motor and hydraulic motor, as well as control panel unit

Information of centrifuges driven by hydraulic

Centrifuge we are talking about is APGLW355X1258. It’s typical and popular equipment with a lot of users. We use centrifuges in drilling fluids solids control to achieve solid-liquid separation. A centrifuge decanter to remove some fine particles harmful. We also use centrifuges to recall barite and other expensive additives.

Such centrifuge is with hydraulic motor as power supply. Rotation and differential rotation can achieve stepless variable frequency within rated range or scope

Specifications including but not limited to drum diameter is 355mm, and length is 1258mm. Maximum speed of drum is 3400rpm but we suggest speed of 1600-2800rpm. Treating capacity at actual working condition is 40m³/h.

Hydraulic decanter centrifuge

Hydraulic decanter centrifuge

When we supply hydraulic centrifuges we’ll supply centrifuge, control panel, base or frame altogether.

More specifications of centrifuge with hydraulic motor

Its hydraulic drive assembly including electrical pump unit, drum hydraulic motor, hydraulic differential, oil tank, integrative control modular, oil discharge integrated modular, heat exchange, hydraulic driven control panel and steel wire woven hose.

To achieve drive transfer we use explosion-proof electrical motor via couplings and hydraulic pumps linked to drum motor and differential motor. Transfer including main transfer and assistant drive.

Working principle

At the time of turning on the motor, the rotation links coupling motivate hydraulic pump. While the closed type plunger pump will transfer hydraulic force to the hydraulic motor. And screw assembly will turn under pulley and belts connection to motor. It’s similar with differential and drum.

Then subsequent working procedure of hydraulic driven decanter centrifuge is same as common standard centrifuge. After drilling fluids processed by centrifuge, finally the clean mud will return to tank and solid discharge from solid discharge port.

Many clients prefer hydraulic centrifuge since it’s stable performance and reliable quality. Plesae come to us freely if you have any questions or demand on such centrifuge


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