Shale shaker improvement issues proposal

Shale shaker improvement is some upgrade points on shaker design. We have some simple proposal on the screening machine. These are based on operation-friendly, convenient to maintain and cost-saving

Shale shaker improvement we proposed

For shale shaker, it is the first defense of solids for all separation system. No matter for oil and gas drilling, or for HDD, TBM slurry separation. Under clients’ actual requirements we are gonna upgrade our Hunter-D3 double deck shaker

Aipu Hunter-D series shaker are similar as Derrick FLC2000. But this is double deck. No matter for 3 or 4 panels per deck. All the screens are interchangeable with original screen panel.

On the shaker, we’d like to set a removable plate at the back of shale shaker for the entrance of the slurry on the lower deck. The slurry needs to get there firstly and comes either from the top or back of the machine.

Shale shaker improvement

Shale shaker improvement

Adjustable plate at the end of the upper deck to have some kind of wear plat (small dam). No higher than 4mm it is shiftable ranged 0-4mm. Just a small steel plate with long holes. The plate is stainless steel.

The rubber support are made of high quality rubber/Linatex or equivalent. Directly glued on the steel frame but the option on bolted hard plastic should be installed (holes in steel)

Furthermore, the deck angle will be adjusted from -3~+3. This will force operator to run shaker deck not over +3.  And protect shaker screen from over high strength of fast mud flow.

More further detail on shaker update

We also have the thought change one deck stainless steel shaker screen to polyurethane screen. PU screens are coarser than S.S ones. So we put it on lower deck to achieve better drying or solids separation result

Compared to common stainless shaker screen, the urethane screen is more durable. Last 6-8 months, even more. And for shaker tensioning tools, the bolts we prefer shorter one thus save time on install or uninstall screens

Please contact Aipu solids control for more details. We have many new design for upgrade. Trust you’ll get interesting issues.


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