Drilling fluids desander for different mud system

Drilling fluids desander is the 2nd phase solids control equipment in the whole mud system. But for different mud system, the desander configuration varies from each other.

Drilling fluids desander information

The desanders cone are sized from 6″ to 12″ for drilling mud process. Most popular one is 10″. And cones are made of high quality polyurethane since the high ability to resist abrasion. According to different flow rate demand, the desander will be configured with different numbers of cone

The drilling fluids is pumped from shaker tank by centrifugal pump. Under the pressure and gravity effect, there will be a swirl in cone. Then the centrifugal force push heavier material down to cone drop in Apex and light fluids flow out of discharge line upside

Drilling Fluids Desander

Drilling Fluids Desander

How many different desander for drilling mud process?

Besides oil drilling mud desander, there are desander used in mud recycling system. Such as HDD or piling, slurry separation or tunneling, and so on

Different use will request different size cone. Such as for piling, they may request 14″ or larger cone. For HDD, especially for smaller rig, system may request 6” or just desilter instead of desander

And even for same use, there will be different configuration according to capacity. For example, ZJ40 may request mud system circulation rate around 200m³/h, while ZJ70 may request 360m³/h. So, the shakers, drilling fluids deander and other equipment holding same flow rate will be configured in system accordingly



Furthermore, the desander can be fit with bottom shaker or not. And the shaker can be normal model Hunter series or mini shaker. Bottom shaker can be linear or other motion.

Desander cone material

Polyurethane or casting iron is the most material of desander cone. The 6″, 10″ and 12″ made of high quality polyurethane are more popular with user. And couplings on cone can be fast connection type or the bolted type.

Please contact us freely for more information. No matter for just cone or the drilling fluids desander


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