Shaker screens


About shaker screen and solids control equipment
OBM shaker screen

Shaker screens for WBM and OBM at oil drilling site

Shaker screens are very different from each other. Based on the shale shaker model, the mesh size of themselves. Besides...

Mud gas separtors

Mud gas separators for oil and gas well drilling

Mud gas separators are the “kick-off” devices. We usually use the separators together with flare ignitors. Let’s find more details...

Workover solids control shaker

Solids control equipment for workover rigs

Solids control equipment for work over rigs including the shale shaker, hydrocyclone cleaner, feeding pump, mud agitator, tanks, mixing hoppers,...

Packages of shale shaker screens information for your reference

Packages of shale shaker screens information for your reference

Packages of shale shaker screens including the internal packing and external packing. There are cartons and pallets or cases. Below...

Flame igniter

Flame igniter used in oil&gas drilling site

A flame igniter is a safety device to burn gas out of drilling fluids during well drilling. The gas before...

Mud system tanks

Mud system tanks design and the details for your reference

Mud tanks we are talking about here not the weapons, yes, they are the containers or pit to reserve drilling fluids...

Standard Hunter-D3 shaker

Standard shale shakers at Aipu solids control

Standard shale shakers here are the shakers without customization. Such as Hunter-MG4, Hunter-D4, and Hunter-Mini shaker. Do you know the...

Cost of shaker screens

The cost of shaker screens and detailed difference

The cost of shaker screens means the quality in some degree. And besides that, cost means service quality, too. Why...

mud system for oil rig

Why different mud systems for same model drilling rig

We have faced different clients’ questions, why do you offer a different specification system to another manufacturer? Or, why are...

Screen panels with waves

Find more information of shaker screens patterns

Shaker screens patterns To distinguish screen patterns, there are many references or methods. Firstly, we can judge it according to...

Mongoose®Shaker Screen

Mongoose® Shaker Screen Replacement


Derrick®Shaker Screen

Derrick® Shaker Screen Replacement


Polyurethane shaker screen

Polyurethane Shaker Screen


Aipu Urethane screens

Swaco® shaker Screen Replacement


Kemtron KTL48 Shaker Screen

Kemtron KTL48 Shaker Screen Replacement


Brandt®Shaker Screen

Brandt® Shaker Screen Replacement