Mud cleaners for drilling mud process for oil and gas field

Mud cleaners are important equipment in drilling mud system. At oil and gas field the mud system mainly process the drilling fluids. While the mud cleaner is a combination of hydrocyclones and shale shaker. What is the importance of mud conditioner?

Mud cleaners of AIPU solved problem for drilling company

As we know mud cleaner is also referred to mud conditioner. Ye, it can separate different size solids out of drilling fluids at certain drilling section. It helps to maintain good fluids condition at the earlier stage of mud system.

Mud cleaners for drilling mud

Mud cleaners for drilling mud

Last month, one drilling company called us for a problem they are facing. Their desilter cone doesn’t spray the drilling fluids properly from bottom nozzle as expected. They called us but not the original manufacture since their existing supplier couldn’t solve the problem. Our technician connected with client’s operator and based on their practical situation and working condition

Finally, we found their desander cone and the pipeline configuration&structure are not proper. The equipment they are operating with over 4 years history. At the end, we proposed our mud cleaner instead of their separated hydrocyclone separators. Now the mud cleaner works well and gives client satisfied performance.

Oil and gas drilling fluids conditioner details

Majority of mud system in oil and gas well drilling including mud cleaner. However, some of clients prefer separated desander and desilter. Mud conditioner main specifications including flow rate, bottom shaker model, shaker motor, and so on

We select size and number of cones according to whole mud flow rate during oil and gas drilling. Some wells deep 4000m, or 7000m even 9000m. Different well and the geology condition request different mud pumps holding various of treating capacity.

Bottom shaker of mud cleaner, at AIPU, there are 2 main type. One is 3-panel the other is 4-panel. While for both type there are 2 options including single motion or dual motion

Other options of mud cleaner for drilling fluids system

We still can use separated desander and desilter instead of mud cleaner. But the different option is the bottom shaker of separated equipment. It can be standard shaker instead of the mini shaker or the slid channel.

Other detail configuration or design including the splash guard over shaker basket and the ball valve on cones.

You have more suggestion or questions? Please contact us freely. Find the right solution for your drilling mud processing.

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