The role of solids control systems in the drilling process

To describe the role of solids control systems in oil drilling, we first need to understand drilling fluids.

Drilling fluid plays a vital role in the oil and gas production process. It plays an important role in the drilling process.

What is drilling fluid?

Drilling fluid, also known as drilling mud, is a specially designed fluid used in the oil and gas drilling process.

Firstly, the drilling fluid acts as a coolant and lubricant to the bit, which helps to reduce friction between the bit and the well wall, extending the life of the bit.

What you wouldn’t have guessed is that drilling fluids also have the effect of preventing the well wall from collapsing, so why? Well, yes! Drilling fluids are able to form a thin film which maintains the stability of the well wall and prevents it from collapsing, I know it sounds unbelievable.

While you are still worried about the waste cuttings from the drilling that can’t be discharged, the drilling fluid also lubricates the drill bit to carry away excess drill cuttings, thus keeping the borehole open, which, in turn, helps engineers understand the information downhole.

Finally, by adjusting the density and pressure of the drilling fluid, you can control the pressure of the formation downhole, which helps to avoid blowouts.

solids control systems

Why are solids control systems important?

Solids control within the drilling program is an important but often overlooked part of the well construction process. Having a good solids control program in place minimizes overall operational costs by:

  • Helping lower fluid dilution rates
  • Reducing the volume of required additives
  • Improving drilling fluid/mud properties, allowing higher flow rates
  • Extending the life of the drilling fluid

The five main pieces of equipment in a mud solid control system are, in order: a shale shakera degassera vacuum desander/centrifugual desander, a desilter (mud cleaner), and  decanter centrifuge. All of this equipment is installed on top of the mud tank. We, AIPU focus on the solid control industry over 10 years and we have a professional technical team. If you need anything, please contact AIPU.

See here if you want to know more about solid control equipment! In my next blog I’ll give you more details.


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