Solids control decanter centrifuge for sale

Decanter centrifuge used in solids control is mainly to process particles ranged 2~7 microns. Aipu solids control now provide a new decanter centrifuge in stock. Please find more detail information as below

Decanter centrifuge information

Decanter centrifuges also referred to decanting centrifuge or centrifuge decanter. In drilling mud process for oil & gas drilling there are middle speed centrifuge and high speed centrifuge. They can be designed as fixed frequency and variable frequency centrifuge.

Decanter centrifuge in stock

Decanter centrifuge in stock

This centrifuge in stock is high speed one. Model number is GLW355X1258 with 3200rpm speed and 35m³/h capacity. The bowl diameter is 355mm, while length is 1258mm. The minimum separation point is 2 micron and its separation factor is 2035G

Centrifuge main motor is 30kw (40hp), accessory motor is 7.5kw. This centrifuge in stock is fixed frequency one. Upon clients’ demand we can configure the VFD panel for it. Then the speed will be 0~3200rpm and VFD will lead better protection on motor as well as whole centrifuge

Centrifuge price and delivery

This decanter centrifuge in stock can be delivered in 3 days against confirmation. We need to do some surface process for better appearance. It’s the centrifuge shown at CIPPE so there is some paint pilled off during transportation. Complete centrifuge will be fit with control panel. Price is USD38000FOB Xingang,China or FOB Xi’an,China.

If we request VFD control panel, the price will be USD40000 under same price term. Upon users’ demand we can provide screw pump or submersible pump as feeding pump. The brands and types are optional. But the lead time may be different with quoted one and depends on certain brand pump

Why select Aipu decanter centrifuge?

All raw materials are high quality. Such as the screw conveyor, bowl, the support frame, the surface paint, the motor, the control panel, etc. This centrifuge is rather popular model with long drum and sufficient capacity

It’s in stock now. Usually, finish one set centrifuge may take 30 days. But now, only in 1 week we’ll get all things cleared and make it arrive at port. For other requirements or options we’ll give you optimal solution soonest.

Finally, our aftermarket will definitely satisfy you on soon response as 7×24 technique support. The centrifuge is rather mature to save more cost on wearing parts as well as maintenance


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