Replacement Polyurethane shaker screens use and cost

Replacement polyurethane shaker screens are the PU screen panels fit on shaker. They can be used on waste management, drilling fluids, slurry separation and so on

Replacement polyurethane shaker screens information

There are PU screens with square aperture, round opening, or the rectangular opening. They can be woven screen, or the punched panel, or the injected strip screen.

Urethane screen installation way can be hook strapped, wedge compressed, bolted, or plugged.

Opening size varies from 0.045mm to milimeters. Such as 0.075, 0.1, 0.4, 2.0, 10.0mm and so on. And the colors can be red, orange, yellow and so on

Replacement polyurethane screen

Replacement polyurethane shaker screens

Why use polyurethane screen?

Compared to metal screen panels, the replacement polyurethane shaker screens are more durable, anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive. The PU is flexible during operation. It’s more easy to get rid of openings block

Some PU screens can be used up to 12 months. However, the metal or S.S can be only used 25 days. So, if working condition allowed we suggest PU screen for the whole cost-effectiveness

What brand of PU screen replacement is available?

Aipu provide various shaker screens. No matter metal or PU material. The popular type replacement PU screens including POLYWEB for Derrick, and the square panels for slurry separation, or dewatering

PU screen panel

PU screen panel

Available screens sizes including 1044x702mm, 1220x700mm, 1200x750mm and so on. The popular standard urethane screen blocks sized about 305×305. The others sizes are available per users’ requirement

Cost of PU replacement screens

The cost including price of screen panel, the quantity you need, the cost of package, transfer, shipment, insurance, general cost, and so on

Price for a single panel screen sized about 1044x702mm with 0.85mm is about USD590 based on EXW term. Price of different sizes may vary slightly. Also, you can enjoy extra discount according to order quantity.

Price for a single panel screen sized 305x305mm with 5mm is about USD40 based on EXW term. We always trust provide users reasonable price with cost-effectiveness is essential than just save cost by quality sacrifice

Please feel free to contact AIPU Solids if any demand or question

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