Shale shaker screen material and cost difference

Shale shaker screen material is the essential insurance for screen panel quality. The material including stainless steel wire mesh, sheet, polyester powder, and so on

Shale shaker screen material for different screen panel

We know there are so many different shaker screen. The hook strap, the framed, the flat and the pyramid, the steel framed, also the composite framed. However, almost metal screen request S.S wire mesh

So we know, the S.S wire mesh is rather important for whole screen quality. The standard and basic requirement of screen should be S.S304. However, some clients are not aware of the raw material by checking screen panel appearance

Shale shaker screen material

Shale shaker screen material

For the screens, we have different quality level. From S.S304 to the S.S316L. From common screen cloth to the super fine screen cloth. From single layer to triple or more layer. These different configuration on raw material will definitely lead different quality

Cost of shaker screen

Many of our clients placed order after checking our sample. There are too many clients don’t purchase from us since they care more on price. Cost of shaker screen is the reflect of screen material.

We quote a screen priced USD120, that means the screen cloth are made of high quality S.S316L and woven by famous manufacturer. The USD120 including wire mesh cost, polyester cost, cold rolled sheet, punching fee, personnel cost, our reasonable profit

High quality material shaker screen

High quality material shaker screen

So many clients told us our price is high. However, when they place order to others quoted lower price and told “higher level”, they found the screens are rusty without any use

Please trust Aipu solids control, you’ll get what you pay. You deserve to get better quality at the most cost-efficiency. Furthermore, we also can provide you lower price product. However, the quality and configuration will be definitely different from higher price one

Aipu shaker screen price

Based on shale shaker screen material, Aipu shaker screen price is ranged USD60~USD130. Why is there so much difference?

Screen type, screen material, screen layers, handle, rubber, and so on. Please feel free to contact us for more detail.


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