Screen API designation and mesh type

Screen API designation is the API size or number with related cut point and NBA, etc. The API designation of shaker screen is decided by many issues. The mesh type, configuration, etc.

Screen API designation

There are wide range API designation. From API 6 to API 500. The separation point or D100 cut point is from 22.5~3675 microns.  We have to realize, the shaker screen API designation is different with mesh size or mesh number

Screen API Designation

Screen API Designation

For example, one of our client told us, they ever bought shaker screens from another supplier sized 80 mesh and they said it was API 80 more or less. However, they found the shaker efficiency and screen filtration performance is not same as their former API 80 screen. Then they brought one panel of screen to the lab for API designation test. It was API 140!

Actually, the latest shaker screen API code is to avoid confusion for clients’ selection on screen replacement. The API consisted not only mesh size, but also other factors

Mesh type of screen

Mesh type of shaker screen including single configuration, dual configuration. That means, we have different mesh type configuration. Such as all layered screen are oblong hole, all layered screen are square hole, and some of them will be configured as square-oblong-square.

Besides the screen mesh type, there are screen layers and cloth diameter affecting whole screen API size and other designation

Other issues affecting API designation

Complete screen API designation including API size, D100 cut point, non blanked area, conductance. Then, we’ll have other factors affecting API designation. For example, the same screen cloth configuration on 48×30 series screen and Cobra series screen the non blanked area will be different.

And if we utilized same screen cloth configuration on flat screen and corrugated screen the conductance and NBA will be differing as well. So, the screen dimension, screen mesh, screen type will affect API designation as well


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