Replacement 500 Screens test during petroleum well drilling

Replacement 500 screens sample were delivered in past 2 weeks. Now, the screens are under test on drilling site in Middle East at the petroleum well drilling site.

Replacement 500 screens performance

Congratulations! Aipu shaker screen replacement for PMD500 worked well at the site. During 48 hours when operating drilling shaker, there is no failure occurred till to change other mesh size screens

Replacement 500 screens

Replacement 500 screens

From the screen cloth surface, sealing rubber, back plate, back seal strip, to the handle. Everything is in good condition. And the shaker performed well, too. Our clients are very happy with our panels. Compared to genuine Derrick ones under same drilling condition, our screens performed same as original panels

Why Aipu replacement screen perform great?

Proud to say, we utilized the true high-quality material as user requested. High-quality S.S316 and S.S316L wire. The meshes are all woven with extra-fine wire for better conductance and accurate cut point

The back side rubber strip is put by automatic CNC machine with special material. Such material is anti-corrosive and anti-abrasive. Even in case the strip is broken since rude handling, it will be a very small piece but not big one to impact sealing or damping screen.

AP500 screen under test

AP500 screen under test

Then, we have the core technique on screen cloth combination. We use our high quality raw material to combine screen and panel stick together steadily. We grind the 2 sides for better safe handling and appearance

Come to Aipu solids control for excellent replacement screen

Replacement 500PMD screen are hot sales product recent months. We are confident if our screen perform bad or very poor you’ll get refund.

The only issue or requirement we have is : please compare screens operated under same working condition. Including drilling condition, mud condition, and so on. Another question to point out is, please don’t say “We need top quality screen, but your price is too high”

Please don’t compare our screen price with other suppliers, but compare our screens quality and price with Derrick® ones.


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