Shaker screen package

Shaker screen package is important issue during delivery. How should we pack shaker screens? What packages are more better for screen panel?

Shale shaker screen package summarize

Shaker screen packages don’t only protect screen panels from damage during handling or deliver but also reflect screen manufacturer professionalism, etc. Different manufacturer will pack screen panels with packages printed their own logo and information, that say, package is also the symbol of screen panel manufacturer

Usually, shaker screen package including the internal package and external package. Internal ones are usually cartons or cardboard. External or outside package will be the plywood box / pallet.

shaker screen package

shaker screen package

Screens package information

On shaker screen packages-cartons there should be manufacturer information, screen specification, API designation, certain shaker model, label, logo, etc. All these information will help users get right exact replacement for present screens

But, some shaker screen buyers request neutral package without any manufacturer’s information. They request only screen specification and mesh size. Others screen buyers may request us to provide package according to their own design with sufficient information including contacts, logo, etc.

Different package types

Screen panels can be packed as 1 panel per carton, or 2 panel per carton, even some screens can be packed as 3 panel per carton. According to our experience, many clients prefer pallet to boxes. As pallet can save more space and weight during shipment. Especially for air shipment, we kindly recommend pallet for lighter weight save much freight fare. For sea shipment, pallet will save much space no matter LCL or FCL.

Some clients request pallets as they’d like to check screens compliance with order. And it’s more easy for users finding out right screen panel they need. No matter for plywood box or pallet we’ll bind it well with bundle belt on 4 aspects to avoid screen panels scattering. Actually, during our delivery we find screens on panel will be easy to damage since rude handling during delivery or loading. Anyhow, shaker screen suppliers should consider all issues completely for clients’ convenience and benefit

Aipu shaker screen package

We Aipu provide different packages according to customers’ requirement. No matter cardboard or plywood cases. If you need neutral one we’ll just print screen information, if you need specific one we’ll arrange it completely as your demand

For all exported screen panels we’ll definitely provide seaworthy package. Please feel free if you have further question


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