Shaker screen size during whole drilling operation

Shaker screen size we talked here means the mesh size or API size of the screen panel. What is the proposal on screen size during the whole drilling?

Shaker screen size mostly used during drilling

We know different drilling section will use different size screen. Usually, the oil well drilling will be three sections. At each section, we will select certain screen per actual drilling condition

Take one well of our clients as an example. The first section, they use API 80 and API 100 shaker screen on their FLC514 shaker. While the second section, they use API 200, and API 230

Shaker screen size

Shaker screen size

For the final part-third section, they use API 120 and API 170 screens. The different screens are fit together at the same time. That means, 4 panels screen including 2 different mesh size

Why we use different size screen?

Different drilling condition and mud property will generate different cuttings and fluids variation. If the drilling fluids is too much with large quantity cuttings and gravity, we may need the coarser screen at the beginning. Also, we need to change deck angle

Another client sent us information of screen size as below:

  1. Three sets shale shaker connected with one flow divider as a triple tandem shaker
  2. The first shaker was fit with 2 panels API 120 and API 140 screen
  3. The second shaker was fit with 2 panels API 120 and API 170 screen
  4. The third shaker was fit with 4 panels API 100 screen

This configuration is for their well at section 6 1/8″.  And the cuttings generated are sand and silt. After test by mud engineer, the drilling fluid maintained good property and reflected no much lost. So we change screen size at different section is to get effective drilling and competitive cost

Special shaker screens

Special shaker screens

What are the popular shaker screens size?

Although there are many many different shaker and shaker screens. The popular screen panels are almost same. API 80, API 100, API 140, API 170, API 200, API 270.

No matter you operate Derrick shaker, or SWACO Mongoose, or the VSM300 from NOV Brandt.

According to our previous record, the most popular screen size are API 140 and API 170. What else are you interested in? Please come to AIPU for any question


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