Hook strip screen installation on Hunter-D shale shaker

Hook strip screen is the screen panel configured with a hook side and tensioned by bolts and draw bar. Or there is hook like shape

Hook strip screen installation

Aipu Hunter-D series shaker will be configured with hook strip screen. Usually, we suggest ship shaker without screen panels installed. This will prevent any possible damage on the screen panel. So installation of screen panels for the first time will be important for users.

Prior to shaker screen installation, remove all package and shipping materials from the shaker bed. The tensioning bolts and lock system are fastened well. Locating bars provided along the interior well ensure screen panels are centered left to right on screen bed. Draw bolts are then engaged and tightened in stages, going from left to right side and finishing with final tensioning on the right side. The right and left sides of the equipment are determined by standing at the feed end and looking forward to discharge end.

Hook strip screen installed on Hunter-D

Hook strip screen installed on Hunter-D shaker

Correct installation of screens

Correct installation of screes optimize screen performance and extends screen life. To install screen panel correctly, proceed as below:

  1. Before placing screen panel in the screen frame, verify all components of the shale shaker basket are in good condition. Replace any worn or damaged components
  2. Place screen on shaker bed of screen frame, slid panel into contact with locating bars on the left side of screen bed, and slide against shoulder of cross support at the feed end of screen frame
  3.  Confirm that heads of left side draw bolts are oriented in the vertical (unlocked) position
  4. Position draw bar on left side of screen frame to engage hook strip along top outer edge of screen panel, and pass heads of draw bolts through slots in draw bar. Rotate heads of draw bolts 90 degree to horizontal position
  5. Lift draw bar slightly to ensure that hook strip screen is above side support and hand-tighten left side draw bolt nut
  6. Please repeat steps 3 to 5 on right side of the shaker basket.
  7. Using rathet or T-handle wrench, tighten the left side draw bolts from outside screen frame. The order is left center one is the first bolts, and right center one is the second bolts, the left side one is the third one, right side is final one
  8. Repeat tightening sequence on right side of screen frame
  9. After tightening all draw bolts, manually verify that screen panel is correctly positioned properly tensioned, firmly in contact with screen frame bed, and that ribs are straight and aligned with stringer protectors of adjacent screen frame.

Other information on hook strip screen installation

Different manufacturer may have slightly different design on screen tensioning system. however, the general principle and installation way is similar

If you do have other question or need more detail please contact Aipu freely. We can provide you whole shaker, the shaker screen, the screen lock system, and so on


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