Durable composite screen panel for sale at Aipu

Durable composite screen panel is the screen cloth melted on non-metal frame. The composite frame is made of high quality  PP, fiberglass, carbon, and so on. There is a specific ratio among different raw materials

Aipu durable composite screen panel

More and more users prefer the composite framed shaker screen. Compared to previous manufacture technique, composite screen panels last longer. And there is no problem on steel frame rust, or the corrosion on whole steel frame. Composite framed screen is with high strength, high-resistance, high-anticorrosion features.

Available types including Aipu Hunter M series, SWACO Mongoose screen, MD screen, Cobra series, VSM300 series, and so on. The popular mesh sizes are from API 20 to API 325. Per different users’ requirement and actual working condition they will request certain size or custom-built size

Durable composite screen panel

Durable composite screen panel

Every year, Aipu deliver over 15000 panels composite screen. Almost of them are repeat orders. Our users are all over the world. They are from USA, Germany, UK, Holand, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Iran, Kuwait, and so on

Difference between Aipu composite screen and others

Durable composite screen panels based on material quality, manufacture technique, and the quality control. What is difference between Aipu screen and others’ screen?

The raw material, we select PP from China Petro, Sinopec, and famous manufacturer from Singapore. The price is over USD1850/Ton. For the tube and rod of internal support frame, are from national steel company. Thicker and stronger. Wire mesh cloth, the commonly priced screen are all made of high quality stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, and 316L. We promise standard Ni, and other chemical content ratio.

Composite framed shaker screen

Composite framed shaker screen

Price of composite screen for sale

We don’t wish get order by decreasing price. However, there are so many clients only focus on price but not true quality. Cater for most clients’ preference, we changed our strategy. Do some adjustment on cost composition and control. For lower price we quoted you, there are 2 possibility.

1. The screens raw material is a bit different, and all detail difference will be indicated to you clearly

2. Different configuration on screen size and layering, and the detail will be told you clearly, too.

Common price is from USD77 to USD98. Depends on different type and different mesh size. However, the lower price is from USD69 to USD86. But we promise you reasonable price, relatively high quality, and proper lead time. Please feel free to contact us for any further interest.


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