Cost-effective shaker screen replacement verification tips

Cost-effective shaker screen means the screen priced reasonable with high quality or performance. How to verify or define cost-effectiveness on screen panel?

Shaker screen replacement quality and more detail

Replacement shaker screen quality should be based on screen appearance, separation efficiency and accuracy, usable life. The screen appearance including overall size, surface flatness, backside coating. Separation efficiency is from separation point and the conductance of screen. Usable life is usually known after comparison with original panel

Cost-effective shaker screen

Cost-effective shaker screen

As we know, the screen life impacted by many issues. Such as mud property, drilling condition, shaker condition, and so on. So, based on same working condition we can get objective result on quality

Detail about cost-effective shaker screen

Cost-effective shaker screen then can be verified accordingly. For example, under same drilling condition, mud property on same shale shaker the original screen lasts about 400 hours, and the replacement screen lasts about 350 hours. However, replacement screen is only USD100 than original priced USD400. Why don’t you select replacement? Even we have to spend some time on screen replacement but it only takes minutes totally to save 3/4 cost in a whole well drilling.

Sometimes, screen manufacturers design and configure screen replacement based on original one. Some are better for quality or performance, while some may be worse. So many users are willing to insist original design as an insurance for better quality they expect

Replacement shaker screen PMD500

Replacement shaker screen PMD500

Verifying shaker screen replacement cost-effectiveness

As per above information, you may have a brief understanding on cost-effective shaker screen. How to get such screens? It’s so easy!

Please firstly select some potential screen suppliers. Inquire them to send samples, against your receiving you can have a instant impression. Then please test them at the drilling site or in your own lab. Test the cut point, test the separation efficiency, test the service life. If possible, record all steps and do comparison report with final time and cost used

Trust you’ll get true result and an objective verification. Or if you have time and higher budget, you can visit suppliers or manufacturers prior to requesting samples. Anyway, test will be most practical method.

Just feel free to contact us for further interest or question.


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