Corrugated shaker screen panels at Aipu solids control

Corrugated shaker screen panels are the screen with pyramid peak. Such design will provide larger screen area than common flat panel

Corrugated shaker screen

Such screens are also referred as pyramid screen. They were innovated by Derrick. Available pyramid screens including PMD500, PMD48-30, PMD300, Cobra series, Mongoose series, and so on

Corrugated shaker screen

Corrugated shaker screen

The mesh sizes are ranged from API 35 to API 400. People prefer pyramid screen panel since the larger filtration area. Usually corrugated screen holding 125% effective area of flat panel screen

Now, we are able to provide PMD screen with about 1″ peak height. However, Derrick equipment provide the plus screen with about 1.5″ peak.

As the channels between two pyramid, drilling fluids will be more easily transferred to shaker discharge end. Corrugated shaker screen will enhance the filtration efficiency, too

Aipu shaker screen replacement

Aipu is proud of supplying high quality replacement shaker screen to users around the world. Our screens including the flat panel, and the PMD or corrugated panel. They are all right fit replacement.

Framed screen panel

Framed screen panel

We kindly suggest user don’t use corrugated steel framed and composite framed screen. The weight of screen panel will impact whole shaker performance. Furthermore, most PMD screen can’t be repaired. And framed screens can be used over 20 days averagely it’s unnecessary to expense more cost on single screen panel.

Please come to us if you have demand on replacement PMD500 screen, PMD48X30 screen, and so on. You will be satisfied with screen quality and performance

Cost of Aipu corrugated screen panels

Based on screen model, API size, the quantity you need, even the delivery time you require. We have different configuration cater for different clients’ preference. Including your preferable color, package, budget cost, and so on

Usually, our PMD replacement screen is USD120/PC. Based on your detail requirements, we’ll provide different price and proposal. Come to us now find more information. Get special discount under our promotion of free equipment/refund.


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