Shaker screens for double deck shaker at Aipu solids

Shaker screens are important part for shaker even whole solids control system.  At Aipu there are various of shaker screen panels. The tensioning way, the material, color, configuration and so on

Shaker screens for Aipu shaker

Aipu shaker including the Hunter-MG and Hunter-D series, also the custom built types. Screens for Aipu shaker including composite frame screen, hook strap screen. They are interchangeable with Mongoose and Derrick 48-30 screens.

Furthermore, we manufacture the shaker for oil sludge treatment and desanding plant with double deck. Among all we delivered shakers, there are also polyurethane screen, the wedge wire filter screen, and so on

Shaker screens for double deck shaker

Shaker screens for double deck shaker

Features of double deck shaker

Why users like double decked shaker? Because the total filtration area is large and it’s compact if used as 4 in 1. Some double decked shaker will be used as shaker+mud cleaner. The 2 decks act as shaker and mud cleaner bottom screen with different mesh size

Shale shaker is the 1st phase solids control equipment, while mud cleaner is integration of 2nd and 3rd phase equipment. Use double decked shaker along with hydrocyclone request much less space on tank top.

Double decked shakers

Double decked shakers

Per different use or application, the double decked shaker could be mounted with different screen for better efficiency and performance during operation.

Double decked shale shaker screen panels

Double decked shaker could be with 2 same size deck or different size deck. The screens for them could be same or different, too. For example, we have delivered one set double decked shaker to Germany for tunneling desanding plant. We fit one deck hook strap screen and one deck polyurethane with 3 pcs screen per layer

We also ever produced the double deck shakers with 2 layer S.S wire wedge screen panel bolted on decks. Others are fit with composite framed screen on double decks of 8 panels shaker screen

One famous brand multiple layer shaker is NOV Brandt VSM300. It holds 3 decks with 3 different size screen panels.

As per actual application and industry, the shaker and screen for double deck will be compatible with each other and benefit much on operation efficiency and performance.

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