Replacement shaker screens for sale at Aipu solids control

Replacement shaker screens are the spare parts for shale shaker and mud cleaner. Aipu solids manufacture high quality replacement screen panel for different makes and models. Lets find more information below

Replacement shaker screens for Derrick shaker

Derrick shale shaker are famous product and very popular with clients all over the world. Not only in oil and gas drilling, also the mining, civil construction, etcetera.

Replacement shaker screens

Replacement shaker screens

There are FLC series shaker and cleaner. FLC300, FLC400, FLC500. Also the Hyperpool shaker, the Dual Pool shaker. Furthermore, there are also the stack sizer, High Shear screen, and so on.

Screens types including S.S shaker screen, polyurethane screen panel, polyurethane hook strap screen. The S.S screen can be tensioned with upside hook or backside. Some S.S screen are pressed with hydraulic compression unit

If you are in the demand of replacement Derrick screen please tell us the model number you need. We’ll quote you best price accordingly

Brandt shaker screen replacement

Screens for Brandt shaker, divided by shaker mode including Cobra series,VNM series, LCM series, and VSM series. If division based on screen configuration, there are RHD, PXL, BHX, and so on

Replacement Brandt D380 screen

Replacement Brandt D380 screen

Replacement Brandt screens sized from API 80 to API 325 are popular ones. There are steel framed, composite framed, hook strap type. Panels are flat or corrugated for your option on some model screen

Replacement screen for M-I SWACO

M-I SWACO is also top brand solids control manufacturer. The shakers, hydrocyclone, mud cleaners are highly appreciated by clients everywhere.

The typical shaker is Mongoose series. Including the Mongoose PT, Mongoose Pro. Another famous model is MD series shaker. Shaker screens for these shaker are all composite frame panels. Steel framed Mongoose screen is rarely requested nowadays

Composite frame screen replacement for MD

Composite frame screen replacement for MD

The popular screen mesh sizes including API 50-API 325. Aipu replacement composite screens can be black or orange color. We pack framed screens one panel per carton. Based on order quantity, shipment arrange we’ll pack plywood box or pallet with 20-40 panels screen.

Other replacement shaker screens

Besides above listed makes screen, there are replacement KMETRON screen, DFE screen, FSI screen, and so on

Almost famous brand shaker screen replacement are available at Aipu solids control. Please feel free to contact us for more information


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