Shaker screens part number information

Shaker screens part number is the number reflected specific model and brand of shaker screen. Different manufacturers will name the shaker screen with different part number. How to verify them and get correct information?

Shaker screens part number

Shaker screens part number usually will include the letters and numbers. They will at least reflect the mesh size of screen panel then some reference information for manufacturer record on batch, etc.

Some suppliers will also put screen configuration on part number. Such as the XR, HP, and so on. Please find following detail for more reference

Famous shaker screen part number

Shaker screens part number

Shaker screens part number

We often get inquiries on replacement shaker screen for famous makes shaker. Such as the Derrick shaker screen number. Let’s take HP-A100 as example, HP-A 100 means the screen mesh size is API 100. If we describe it as 48X30 HP-A100, it is the shaker screen for Derrick FLC2000 series shaker and mud cleaner

Another famous brand shaker is M-I SWACO Mongoose shaker. In one inquiry, clients gave us JMONXL070C, JMONXL084C, JMONXR084C, JMONXR230C. We provided the quotation with all detail rapidly. They were very pleased and placed order very soon.

Since we have given them exact information on such screen. And our quotation is rather official with shipping detail, freight charge, and so on. We figured out such screens are for Mongoose shale shaker according to their part number at once.

Tips when you inquire us on shaker screen

We often get clients inquiries on many different shaker screens. According to former experience, to give you best soon offer we kindly suggest customers give us as more information as you can, as exact part number as you can.

If you don’t have the exact original shaker screens part number, please do let us know the present screen size, dimension, tensioning way, etc. Even if, they are not famous brand screen Aipu will build them for you to fit the shakers

Furthermore, prior to order or you care much on all supplied services. Please tell us your requirement on package, labels, and so on

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