Shaker screen fasteners

Shaker screen fasteners are used to fasten screen panels on shaker deck. There are different models, appearance, types. For different shaker manufacturers they will utilize certain fasteners for optimal installation and best look

Shaker screen fasteners information

Shaker screen fastener is also referred to shaker screen tensioning bolts. Usually, we fix hook strap screen on shaker deck by hook rib with bolts inserting hole on both rip and shaker deck side. There different material shaker screen fasteners. Such as the stainless steel one, the brass one, the alloy steel one, and so on

Furthermore, the bolts caps are rectangular for convenient cross of the holes but turn it horizontally or vertically will make screens steadily hooked by ribs. Fasteners length mean the bolts general length except cap height, the diameter refers to screw diameter for configuring proper nuts

Derrick shaker screen fasteners

Shaker screen fasteners

Shaker screen fasteners

Derrick produce many models shale shaker fit with hook strap screen. Such as FLC2000-3, FLC2000-4, and so on. Thanks to shakers popularity, many users seek original fasteners for reliable performance and durable quality.

The fasteners of Derrick shaker are stainless steel, but the nuts are brass ones. If users have lower budget we can select the bolts and nuts made of lower grade material, such as galvanized carbon steel fasteners

Aipu produce the high quality replacement fasteners for Derrick shaker screens. Please do contact us for detail information or offer. And give us the part number for confirmation.

Other information of screen fasteners

Some shale shakers request 2 fasteners per side of one screen panel. Some shakers request 3 or more fasteners per side of one panel. It depends on manufacturer’s design. All hook strap shaker screen will request screen fasteners to tension screen panel tightly and steadily

The price fro fasteners are rather different since material, specifications vary significantly as well. Please contact Aipu for more information. No matter about shaker screen fasteners operation or price, sample, and so on


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