Waste management auger feeders design and configuration

Waste management auger feeders are the screw conveyors used to transfer drilling cutting or waste to related equipment. Such as the cuttings dryer, the drying shaker, and so on

Waste management auger feeders parts

For a screw conveyors used in drilling waste management, will include scroll, supporting legs, motor, gear box, control panel(if requested), and so on. These are basic and general parts of an auger feeder. There are also many small components on screw conveyor

Such as the couplings, drive bearing, driver shaft, end shaft, coupling shaft, hanger, and its bearing, the seals of shaft, the rough, saddles, cover and cover fasteners, and so on. All parts design is important for complete auger feeder.

Specifications to be considered when auger feeders designed

To provide optimal waste management auger feeders, we kindly suggest clients give us as more detail requirements or working condition as possible. For example, the treating capacity. That means the handling weight or volume per hour, such as 30t/h, or 1059ft³/h, etc.

Waste management auger feeders

Waste management auger feeders

Also if you have specific design notes, it will be more easier for all design and manufacture confirmation. As you may have operated such items with good feedback and performance. Such as you need the shaft diameter to be 3″, the auger length is 42′, and the covers to be 20″ round intermittent, etc.

Actually, for manufacturer or designer, we only need the working condition, capacity, length you required. Then we’ll provide the optimal auger feeder to you. Some clients prefer tell us the incline angle, as they do have taken practical working condition in consideration.

But for many users, they prefer we design and produce waste management auger feeders according to their complete requirements. From the length, capacity, the reduction speed, the incline angle, the discharge type, the couplings, and even to  the support leg types. We highly appreciate your detail information always as this will benefit both very much.

Why Aipu auger feeders?

Aipu has fabricated many sets of auger feeders for waste management. All clients sent happy feedback. Now we are producing many sets such devices of repeat orders. Aipu selected the top quality national standard carbon steel and the famous brand motor, helical gear box, etc.

They are welded very carefully with high accuracy and great reliability. Strict inspection with magnetic testing and standard painting procedure ensure users great quality and durability. Set clients demand at first importance always and keep all users satisfied with best solution at lower cost. Contact Aipu for more detail or price quote now!


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