Helical bevel geared agitators are ready to deliver

Helical bevel geared agitators of this lot are for a regular client. Project is oversea oil well drilling.

Mud agitators specifications

There are different models of agitator such as, APMA5.5, APMA7.5 and APMA15. These agitators are for the same client and different projects. All of agitators are with helical bevel reduce box and connecting motor by couplings

For this order, they are all horizontal pattern agitators. That means,connection between motor and gear box in lateral direction. Agitators are with control panel and the baseframe. According to present experience and client’s feedback, horizontal agitators are more durable than vertical type. Since the different gravity and performance than vertical agitator.

APMA15 agitator shaft length is 2700mm and impeller is 900mm, the reduction ratio is 20:1. That means, the impeller speed is 87rpm. Since this lot of agitators are under 60Hz system.

Helical bevel agitator APMA15

Helical bevel agitator APMA15

How many helical bevel geared agitators are to be delivered?

There are 16 sets of agitator under packing. We’ll deliver agitators very soon according to client’s time schedule. The project will start in 30 days. Considering the international freight time, the lead time is right enough.

Among these agitators, 10 sets of APMA15 agitator. Others are APMA5.5 and APMA7.5. Difference including motor power, shaft and impeller size. The gear boxes are all helical bevel type. Since such design provides reliable performance and costs less energy with same torque.

Demand on other type of agiator?

For mud agitators, there are different types including the helical worm type. As per installation way, there are vertical type also the submerged type. In drilling mud system, horizontal type is more popular with users. Since it’s easy to operate and maintain.

If we consider the material to process, we can configure agitator with various raw material, too. Such as stainless steel shaft and impeller. Also we make agitators with special coupling both connection between motor and gearbox and the connection between gearbox and shaft.

Sometimes, clients request control panel as a complete solution for their mud process.

Please tell us what do you need. Trust you’ll get the optimal solutions here.


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