Drilling mud circulation system configuration for oil well drilling

Drilling mud circulation system will include trip tank, cleaning tank, collection tanks, preparation tank, mixing mould, suction manifold, etcetera

Drilling mud circulation system information

We Aipu just proposed one mud system for an oil well drilling. From the sand trap tank to mixing and return to mud pump. Including trip tank with 40m³ volume, mounted with mud agitators on 2 compartments. Then cleaning tank with shale shaker, mud cleaner over 3 compartments. Also the centrifugal pumps-transfer pump for mud cleaner.

The vacuum degasser is necessary for this client. Furthermore, consider user preference, there is collecting tank for the centrifuge block. The auxiliary equipment is mud agitator on this tank. To control whole system liquid level, there are level indicators for better operation

Drilling mud circulation system

Drilling mud circulation system

There are other 3 collecting tanks. Including mud agitators, all accessory. Such as access, handrail, stairs, and so on. Preparation tank is another part in this system. Including 3 compartments.

Mud mixing unit including the mixing hopper, centrifugal pump driven by 75kw motor. Moreover, there is table for cutting sacks make feeding easier.

Auxiliary equipment for mud system

Besides the complete drilling mud circulation system, we propose pivoting crane and complete set suction manifold for mud pumps. Also the transformer for operation use

In addition, all compartment, if necessary, there are mud guns, all the pipelines connection, ditches for connecting tanks, floorings, and so on. The explosion proof control panel, electrical system

Oilfield solids control system

Oilfield solids control system

Equipment position

The sand trap tank will be mounted 2 sets shale shaker. While the cleaning tank will include mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, mud agitator, centrifugal pumps.

Transfer tank  and suction tank will be mounted mud agitators and mud guns. Mixing tank will include agitators, mud gun, centrifugal pump, hopper, necessary pipes. Suction manifold for 700HP mud pumps, the supercharging pumps for option. Considering total budget we recommend horizontal helical worm geared agitator.

By now, clients are satisfied with our proposal and quotation. This is a tender. Many bidders are competing this order. Including jereh, kerui, Aipu solids control, Derrick, and so on. Wish we get positive feedback soon


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