Solids control system designed for offshore drilling

Solids control system is always treated important. For offshore drilling, solids control is also very key issue during whole well drilling.

Solids control system for offshore

Solids control system for offshore request all equipment designed suitable for marine condition. Including the motor, the surface coating, some special device during whole drilling.

But offshore drilling solids control is holding same theory and working principle. When the drilling mud exiting to shale shakers via a flowline under gravity, the solids control process begins. then the mud flows into degasser, mud cleaner, decanting centrifuge.

Of course we also need the mixing pump, mud agitator, pill tank, and so on. All auxiliary equipment are similar as onshore oil drillings.

Solids control system

Solids control system

Main issues to be considered

Besides the equipment design should be adaptable for marine condition we also should take the transportation or handling issue into consideration.

Many offshore drilling site will use the helicopter to lift or transfer solids control equipment. So, based on cost save we should design the system as compatible as possible, as lighter as possible. But of course, the bottom basis is the system quality and the operation performance.

Then, how should we design a such system?

Offshore solids control system design

Firstly, we should list and issue our initial configuration on the system. Including the whole system weight, if we have lifting limit, then how many liftings request? Per those information lets work out how to lighten the system as much as possible. We can analyze all materials. Including mud tanks, the pipelines, valves, walkway, guardrails, and so on

Then we should consider our new material features, performance during operation, general cost efficiency, and do on. Material features are the detail specification. Including, the strength, the density, the working life, and compatible to all existing parts or not.

In short words, based on quality assurance with least weight. Configure the most cost efficient solids control system for users.


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