Difference among shale shakers for your reference

There are many different kinds of shale shakers for drilling mud process. According to different vibration mode, applications, etc. we have below information of shaker types

Different vibration modes or tracking modes of shale shakers

There are linear motion shakers, elliptical motion shakers, balanced elliptical motion shakers, and dual motion shale shakers. At present, linear motion shaker is still popular with most users. Compared to other modes of shakers, it supplies a higher treating capacity

However, operating the linear motion shaker faces the problem of screen block and the horseshoe effect. Since the cuttings or the harmful solids are irregular shapes with a sharp edge, many particles will stick into the screen surface hole. And then, a more and more similar problem occurs. Finally, there will be a large jam area in total.

Shale shakers

Shale shakers

Furthermore, since the block on the screen cloth and the drilling mud property, there may be drilling fluids jam on the screen surface. This will lead to mud lost, decrease filtration efficiency and lead the cost increase.

What about the elliptical motion shaker? In the early dates, elliptical shakers are not balance. So, we also call it an irregular circular motion shaker. The features of such shakers include lower cost, lower capacity but slightly better filtration results. Since the material move in a circle track avoids blocking on screen. Under gravity force and drilling fluids pressure, solids will move away from screen holes easier than under linear motion.

Regards to balanced elliptical motion shaker, yes, it’s a combination of linear and elliptical motion shaker. Because, balanced elliptical motion shaker can get rid of screen blocking or jam and the horseshoe issue, in the meantime, it can handle larger capacity material than an elliptical motion shaker.

The latest generation of shaker is the dual motion shaker. It’s not only the combination of linear and elliptical vibration mode. But, it’s an integrative solution for various of working condition. It can be switched between linear motion and balanced elliptical motion very easily. So we can operate it properly under different working conditions. Such as large quantity drilling fluids to process or filter extra fine solids out of drilling mud.

Linear motion shaker

Linear motion shaker

To achieve different vibration mode of shakers, we need to adjust the motors configuration. Such as vibration strength same or not, one or two or three sets of vibration motor or just motor.

Screens for different shakers

Besides the vibration mode, there are other difference among shakers. Such as screen panels. Panels difference including the tensioning way or clamping system, the screen surface, and screen frame material.  For tensioning way, there are hook strap one, wedge blocked one and compressed by air pressure or pneumatic system.

The different tensioning way defines different features and if it’s convenient or not on installing screens. If by wedge block, it requests hammers knock wedges gently on both side. If we need to uninstall all of the panels, we need to knock all the wedges one by one. After putting screens on shaker bed, we knock wedges into position well one by one

shaker screen panels

shaker screen panels

If screens are tensioned by pneumatic system, we just need to release the pressure and take out the panels one by one or just take out of the panel need to be replaced

When we don’t consider screen difference according to shaker design, we can find other difference on screen panels, too. Such as screen surface, flat or corrugated. The frame material is composite frame or metal frame.

Different brands of shale shakers and their advantages

For oil and gas drilling mud process and related applications, we know there are many famous brands. Such as Derrick, M-I SWACO, NOV Brandt, etc. And classical typical shakers from above is FLC series Mongoose series, Cobra series.

FLC series shaker including FLC500 and FLC2000 series, but now, typical one of Derrick is DP600 and Hyperpool series. If we asked users who had used Derrick FLC shakers and NOV, SWACO shaker, they would tell Derrick is always the number one to them. But what is the difference among them? Derrick shakers fit with their own innovated motors-Super G and Super 2G and the filtration efficiency/performance are very good.

NOV Brandt Cobra series shaker hold a bit larger screen area than FLC series. We use wedge blocks press the screens, that is more convenient and easy. Furthermore, there is less spare part cost than Derrick ones

Mongoose series shaker is classic typical equipment of M-I SWACO. The screen panels are composite frame and tensioned by wedge blocks. At the earlier stage, it’s the dual motion shaker with 3 motors and finally, shakers are 2-vibration motor dual motion shaker. And now, there is the vacuum system to help solve mud loss problem when fluids arrives on the panel of discharge end.

Selecting any of above famous brand shakers should be based on your actual working condition and your budget. You also can seek some used equipment or equivalent equipment. Let us know your question or interest if any. You will get the opmital solution under our proposal


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