Drilling mud mixers APMA15 delivered to oilfield overseas

Drilling mud mixers were just delivered to clients overseas. These will be used at oilfield drilling site.

General information of drilling mud mixers APMA15

These mud mixers are APMA15 mud agitators driven by 20hp motor and geared by helical bevel reducer. The gearbox and motor are connected directly set on a base. Such design is rather compact and practical. Easy for users to set mud mixers on existing tank or system

Reducer ratio is 25:1 the mud agitator speed is 60rpm. The TOR is 60, and the shaft length is 2.1m holding impeller 42”. Please find some pictures as reference. All mixers are painted in cyan-AIPU new color. Considering the overseas delivery, to protect equipment well we pack mixers by plywood case.

Drilling mud mixers

Drilling Mud mixers

Why clients select AIPU?

This client is our regular customer. They have purchased equipment from us many times. For this lot agitator, it’s a repeat order, too. And before, they also have bought the shale shaker, centrifugal pump, etc. Compared AIPU with many other suppliers on raw material, on the design, on the technical support and so on, they finally selected us.

Many new clients select us also because of our professional solution and timely response. We treat every client and every inquiry seriously. We are more eager than customers to get optimal solutions at best cost. We concern what clients concern. Because we know, quality is everything and credit is our foundation

Drilling mud agtiator


How to get your mud mixers?

There are many ways to get your own mud mixers.

Firstly, you may need to replace the existing equipment. If so, please tell us your existing agitator information. The motor power, the shaft and impeller information, gearbox information. If possible, the nameplate can’t be better

Another situation is you tell us the tank or compartment information including length, width, height. We’ll give you the proper proposal. 

APMA Mud mixers

APMA Mud mixers

The last situation is you select mud mixers according to our catalogue or brochure. You will calculate the TOR, the power consumption, and so on. We just make mud agitators according to your requirements will be Ok.

Do you still have other question? Please feel free to contact AIPU. Not only for the drilling mud mixers, but also for other equipment used in oilfield. 

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