Spare parts information for drilling mud system

Spare parts in drilling mud system are the parts for mud equipment as well as the mud tank or accessories.

What equipment are in mud system?

There are mud system for oil and gas drilling, also for civil construction, etc. Difference including tank size/quantity/volume, equipment number and item, all related auxiliary fittings, etc. Anyway, usually equipment including shale shaker, hydrocyclone separator, decanter centrifuge, pumps, agitators, pipe fittings, and so on

Shaker parts

Shaker parts

Equipment quantity and model defines detail spare parts. For example, Hunter-MG3 holds 3 panels of screen per set of shaker, and screen model is APMG. Well, Hunter 120 mud cleaner consists of bottom shaker, desander cone, desilter cone and so on. For decanter centrifuge, there are APGLW355x1258, APLW455x1000,etc. And for mud agitator, there are APMA5.5, APMA7.5, APMA11, and so on. Besides above items, there are also APSB centrifugal pump. We can use pumps to transfer drilling fluids from tank to equipment. And, we use centrifugal pump as mixing pump to configure mud hopper pump with Venturi hopper or swirl hopper

Regards the auxiliary parts and accessories, there are various of hard wares, flanges, blind flange, gaskets, valves and so on pipe fittings. Also the handrails, walkway, dump gate, etc.

Detail of spare parts in drilling mud system

Shale shaker parts

For shakers, we know the screen panels are usually the first wearing part we talk about. At Aipu solids control, shakers including Hunter-MG series and Hunter-D series. And for Hunter-D series, there are wedge compressing screen or hook strip tension screen for option. Usually we suggest shaker holds wedge compressing screen.

Further to screen, there are parts including pressing device or tension device for screens. The damping spring, the jack screw for deck angle adjustment, buttons or lights for control panel, the rubber sealant on shaker deck and matching hardware, the channel protector if necessary. Also the motors, some clients treat them as wearing parts.

Installing screen panel use wedge block as 2 pcs per panel screen, if it is tension device there are 2 pcs of draw bar, too. For each draw bar, there are 4 sets of bolt.That means, if the shaker is Hunter-MG4 we’ll need 8 pcs of wedge block as wearing parts. The same, if shaker is Hunter-D4 with hook strap screen we need 8 pcs of draw bar. And springs, there are 4 pcs for each single set of shaker.

We suggest users to keep spare parts of shaker for 1 year use. That means, 120 panels of screen in stock. There are API 40 to API 325 panels. Usually, API 80 to API 230 are major items. While, for rubber sealing of shaker deck we suggest keep one complete set in stock. And for compressing devices, please keep at least half of standard number.

Usually, we don’t suggest vibration motor as wearing parts. If we operate and maintain shaker legally as per user manual to grease motors the motor can last 10 years. So, legal and professional operation is very important, too.

Mud cleaner parts

Normally, mud cleaners are combination of bottom shaker, desander and desilter. So now we talk about parts for such standard mud cleaner. The spare parts of mud cleaner are almost same with shaker. However, we need cones, and related parts to replace broken items.

The suggested use life of PU cones are 1 year. But if some working condition is not hard or users run equipment very properly they may last longer. Then what are the parts for replacement if necessary? Including cones assembly, cone body, the Drop in Apex, the couplings, coupling gasket, and so on. At the same time, there is pressure gauge for cone inlet line.

Desilter cone parts

Desilter cone parts

How to confirm the right quantity of parts? For desilter cones, we suggest replacing them at least 1 year later. So if there are twelve 4”cones please replace them all after 1 year operation. For desander cone, we need to check small components condition, such as bottom nozzle, cone shell, coupling, and so on. Some times, users will replace only some parts of the desander cone. For one complete set of mud cleaner, we may use 1~3 PC of desander cone. So, we confirm the spare parts quantity of this component as per actual equipment condition

Decanter centrifuge wearing parts

Centrifuge main components including screw conveyor, drum, big cone end, small cone end, discharge port, cover, drilling fluids inlet, clean liquid discharge, solids discharge, coupling, motors, reducer, pulley, belt, guard, damping rubber, base.

Among the above components, the wearing parts mainly include wearing tails (if applied), wearing rings, the fuse, button on control panel, coupling, bearings, oil seal, belt, pulley, damping rubber, etc. Centrifuge is equipment to process drilling fluids in desilter tank. The solid or particle is much finer but since centrifuge rotation speed very high, solids abrade screw conveyor and drum easily. To run centrifuge properly and legally, we need to clean the centrifuge completely after every shift of working at site. Checking the centrifuge as per instruction of manual and maintain it properly on lubrication, cleaning, and the replacement of broken parts.

Spare parts of centrifugal pump

Here we talk about parts of pump head. Centrifugal pump is a mature typical equipment. We use pumps to deliver drilling mud in solids control system. Either from tank to equipment or from tank to tank. Almost of parts of centrifugal pump are standard. Main parts including followings.

Mechanical seal, shaft, sleeve, wearing plate, stuffing box, packing, impeller, bearings, oil seal, O ring, coupling, the rubber bolts, and so on. We also have talked about this in previous post. If you need further details, please contact us freely.

The wearing parts for other mud equipment

Mud agitators, mud hoppers, mud guns, vacuum degasser, and so on also in drilling fluids system. Spare parts including bearings, seals, couplings, nozzle, hard ware, pressure gauge, belt and so on.

Different mud system configures different equipment. Both on model and quantity. So, every single system requests various of parts. If you have demand on wearing parts of drilling mud equipment, please tell us the model number or part number. If they are for famous brand equipment we’ll check if they in our stock. If they are non-famous brand ones, please send us details to check availability. Anyway, Aipu will give you optimal solutions on spare parts of mud system


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