Solids control equipment to be delivered at Aipu

Solids control equipment of Aipu solids is very popular with drilling companies. No matter oil and gas, or HDD, or the Piling, Jacking project

Solids control equipment at Aipu

Aipu solids control produce complete line solids control equipment for mud system. From the shale shaker, hydrocyclone, to decenter centrifuge, agitators, and so on. Just last month, we got many orders on different items

Solids Control Equipment and system

Solids Control Equipment and system

The horizontal drilling mud agitators to UAE, the 500GPM mud recycling system to India, the mud tank suction valves to Europe, the gas flame to CNPC drilling site in Hebei province, the mud mixing hopper pump to Australia, and so on

We Aipu solids control is professional manufacturer on drilling mud equipment. Our high quality products are very appreciated by users. Almost of our delivery are repeat orders from regular clients.

Solids Control Mud agitators

Solids Control Mud agitators

Why Aipu solids control?

Many new customer will ask “Why should we select Aipu solids” . It’s simple. We are the one solved clients problems on controlling drilling cost, enhancing their drilling efficiency, saving their time

Our engineer is professional and shared over 20 years experience of solids control. He attended design and manufacture over 200 sets various solids control system. All our raw material and standard components are from top famous brand. From the profile, to the electrical parts; from the motors to the painting oil

Our professional personnel is another assurance on quality and operation performance. Strict manufacture and inspection procedure lead qualified equipment.

The price is reasonable with high cost-efficiency. We are not high price, but neither low price. It’s reasonable from cost, our profit, and sincerity to cooperate with you.

Mud tank suction valves

Mud tank suction valves

Solids control application?

Solids control equipment is not only used in oil and gas drilling. They can be used to recycle HDD fluid/mud. Many industries operate solids control equipment or system, but their name vary from each other.

Such as Jacking or Tunneling project, we say it desanding plant. It is with high flow rate shaker and desander equipment. More focus on discharge dewatering or drying. For Piling, we may call slurry separation system. We pay more attention on water recycling.

Almost such use will request shaker, hydrocyclone, centrifuge decanter, mud tank, and so on. The difference including flow rate, tank volume, design and structure.

Please feel free to contact Aipu solids control. We are right here for optimal solution for you.


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