Drilling mud agitators shaft and impeller

Drilling mud agitators are popular equipment used in oil drilling fluid system. The are mounted on tank top. Per different tank and mud property, the agitators motor and related parts will be configured different.

Drilling mud agitators shaft

We know mud agitator also called mud mixer. Mud agitator combined with motor and reducer. The auxiliary part to achieve mixture is shaft and impeller.  How to decide shaft length? Usually, our mud tank is square or rectangular one.

Drilling mud agitators

Drilling mud agitators

After calculating impeller diameter under special formula, we get impeller 900mm is proper. Then the shaft bottom should be about 360mm away from tank floor. For example, the tank height is about 2100mm. Then shaft total length starts from gear box is 1740mm or 1800mm will be ok

Mud agitators impeller

Many clients would also like to know impeller calculation. How to calculate it? We need to consider tank volume, mud density. TOR, impeller displacement, safety or all related factors. But usually, we have common configuration on impeller based on special theory and practice

Oilfield mud agitator

Oilfield mud agitator

For example, if the tank sized 10x10x10′ and agitate 16ppg mud we’ll request an impeller sized 38″. Motor is 10HP. However, to make sure the safe and reliable operation we suggest 40″ as safety solution. Furthermore, tanks if deeper than 6feet, we suggest canted impeller blade for better performance than flat ones

All different mud agitators

Drilling mud agitators widely used in various application. Reserve mud tank, solids removal use, addition use, suction tank, pill tank, and so on

Related agitators will be configured per actual demand. From power, impeller type, size, agitator installation way, and so on. Then the reducer type, reduction ratio and so on

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