Hunter-MG3 shale shaker used in ZJ20 mud system

Hunter-MG3 shale shaker is linear motion shaker. It is popular product at Aipu solids control.

Hunter-MG3 shale shaker description

Shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment. In the drilling mud system, we set shaker at the first position. It help users remove coarse solid prior to desander cone or mud cleaner

Hunter-MG3 shaker is fit with 3 panel composite frame screen. Both linear motion and BEM are available. However, many clients prefer the linear motion one. Shaker screen area is up to 2m². The durable quality and convenient installation provide convenience to clients

Hunter-MG3 shale shaker

Hunter-MG3 shale shaker

For Aipu Hunter series shale shaker we utilize Martin vibration motor or Oli motor. These motors hold high vibration strength and reliable quality. Aipu shakers are appreciated since durable quality and high performance

ZJ20 mud system for work over rig

ZJ20 Mud system for work over rig is to be delivered today. We finished the whole system in 4 weeks. This system was proposed with complete line equipment. 2 set Hunter-MG3 shale shaker included in.

There are desander, desilter separator, centrifugal pumps, agitator, mud guns, mixing hopper, and 2 large mud tanks. 2 shakers are both configured with composite screen sized API 80.

Aipu Hunter shale shaker

Aipu Hunter shale shaker

Clients are right here to inspect the system. They are happy with our product appearance quality, components quality and so on. Please find pictures as your reference

Hunter-MG series shaker

Actually, among Hunter-MG series shaker the Hunter-MG4 and double decked shake rare more popular. In 2017, we delivered over 90 sets shaker, there are over 30 sets Hunter-MG4 shaker. Others are the Hunter-D shaker, Hunter-Mini shaker.

Shakers are widely used in well drilling mud solids control. Also in the slurry separation system, in the oil sludge treatment plant, TBM desanding unit, and so on

Aipu shale shakers are highly appreciated by users or customers. Furthermore, our Hunter-MG dual motion shaker are popular with many clients, too. Please feel free to contact Aipu for more information


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