Drilling mud agitators for mud tank in oilfield

Drilling mud agitators are popular auxiliary equipment used in drilling mud system. In oilfield, mud tanks are the platform for a whole solids control system. On tanks, there are shakers, mud cleaner, centrifuge, pumps, agitators, and so on

Why use drilling mud agitators

Mud tanks are used to reserve drilling fluids. During whole well drilling, we need drilling mud and we maintain and process drilling mud for a better property and save drilling cost. Mud agitators will help us to mix or agitate the drilling fluids. Under the impellers’ rotation, the useful solids will suspend without sediment

Drilling mud agitators

Drilling mud agitators

We know the agitator is consisting of motor and reducer. Combining them together will get a proper turn speed. Under proper TOR the drilling fluids will be at a high property for better circulation throughout mud system

How to select mud agitator?

  1. According to mud tank specification and drilling mud property(volume, dimension, SG)
  2. Confirm the exact model and quantity we need (usually 3 meters per set)
  3. Confirm the detail specs of impeller and shaft per tank size(tank height/depth)
  4. To check which type reducer you prefer(Helical worm, helical bevel)
  5. Other special requirements (Reduce ratio, installation position, color)

Against above information confirmed, we almost get a proper agitator for you. Please feel free to contact us with all the detail requirement or information you have

Solids control agitator

Solids control agitator

Aipu mud agitators for you

There are popular model APMA7.5 and APMA15. Presently, the helical bevel geared ones are usually APMA7.5. While the APMA15 geared with helical worm reducer. For mud agitators, we produce gearbox driven by 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 11kw, 15kw, 18.5kw, 22kw, and 30kw motor.

And the agitators can be they horizontal type or the vertical type. According to users’ preference, we’ll provide different customization service. The impellers can be single layer or double layer. The blades are the canted type for better agitation performance.

Please come to AIPU get the optimal agitator for your mud system.


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