Oil sludge treatment proposal at oilfield and refinery plant

Oil sludge treatment is a complex project. Different drilling site or region may have different requirements on emission standard. Also the material to be processed vary from each other.

Oil sludge treatment general

There are transfer system for sludge to equipment. Including pump, or screw conveyor/auger. The heater, mixing, and dosing unit are necessary, too. Main equipment are oil pump, oil tank, pumps, shale shaker, chemical mixing tank, heater unit, decanter centrifuge, auger screw, the oil-water separator, and so on

Different clients will request different configuration. Some will request very large tank request big facility area. Some request compact design as containerized unit.

oil sludge treatment

oil sludge treatment

Detail on oil sludge equipment

We take shale shaker and centrifuge as typical and key equipment in the system. Shale shaker in such system, request better drying performance. Larger filtration area, high vibration strength but not too much flow rate. The filtration panel is different with common shaker used in solids control

Screen panels will be the wedged wire panel with steel frame and S.S wire rod. Such design will provide better performance on fluid or sludge with high viscosity. It will prevent block on grid lines.

VFD high speed centrifuge used in sludge treatment system will get rid of super fine particles in oil sludge. Operation speed is up to 4000rpm.

Get your proposal at Aipu solids control

We know you have different demand with other users. Tell us detail information on your demand, requirements, and conditions. You’ll get special optimal solution soon

Now we are discussing many sets oil sludge treatment system. Some are for domestic oilfield in different province, some are for overseas clients

Upon our practice, kindly suggest large tanks or plant for better performance and result. The containerized design will be limited on handling capacity. Anyhow, come to Aipu now find more


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