Interchangeable spare parts for different brand equipment

Interchangeable spare parts are the parts can be replaced for genuine wearing parts of famous brand equipment. Such as spare parts for Derrick and SWACO shaker and cleaner.

Interchangeable spare parts at AIPU

There are many kinds of parts for different equipment. Such as shaker screen, vibrating motor, the hydrocyclones, the springs, clamping system, and so on

Parts for famous shaker including Mongoose series, both PT and Pro; Derrick FLC500 shaker and FLC2000 shaker; or the Brandt Cobra series shaker. Such as shaker screen, clamping system, etc. Meanwhile, parts for mud cleaner or desander and desilter are available, too. Such as the twin desilter cone, the 12″ and 10″ desander cone, the Victaulic coupling, and so on

Interchangeable spare parts

Interchangeable spare parts

For the centrifugal pumps, there are quantity of parts compatible with famous series pump. Parts including mechanical seal, shaft, sleeve, stuffing box, impeller, and so on

How to order replacement parts for your equipment?

Confirm the brand and model of the equipment you have. Tell us what items are broken and to be replaced. Such as Derrick FLC2000 shaker springs. Or you can tell us the equipment model number and part number, or the drawing number

Then we’ll send you our information on drawing, specs, part number, and so on necessary detail.

Interchangeable desilter cone

Interchangeable desilter cone

Prior to placing order, you need to inform us how many do you need for each item, and if you have an expect delivery time. Based on all information at hand we’ll give you best offer and optimal solution.

What guarantee of Aipu replacement spare parts?

All interchangeable spare parts we supplied are qualified and completely interchangeable with original ones. No matter the screen panels, the springs, the sealing rubber, or the cones.

By now, we’ve delivered large quantity of parts to the globe. They are happy with our product and placed many repeat orders so long time.

Please come to AIPU get your competitive solution now!


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