Pumps used in drilling mud system for well drilling

Pumps used in drilling mud system including many different types. Such as centrifugal pump, screw pump, and so on

Pumps used in drilling mud system

There are centrifugal pumps used to transfer drilling mud from compartment to hydrocyclones and from one compartment to another. We call the pump according to different use or application

Pumps used in drilling mud system

Pumps used in drilling mud system

Such as the feeding pump, transfer pump, charging pump, trip pump, mixing hopper pump and so on.

Besides centrifugal pump we talked above there are screw pump and submersible slurry pump, too

Different use pumps features

Centrifugal pump is easy to operate and powerful for fluids transfer or feeding. The screw pump is used to transfer drilling mud to decanter centrifuge. The screw pump is a kind of positive displacement pump holding stable performance.

The submersible slurry pump is usually used to feed centrifuge,too. However compared to screw pump, the slurry pump is more abrasive-resistant and requesting less space/foot print

Submersible slurry pump

Submersible slurry pump

Furthermore, the submersible slurry pump also can be used to transfer drilling fluids to shaker in HDD or other civil construction projects.

AIPU Pumps features

Pleased to share features of AIPU Pumps used in drilling mud system. The centrifugal pumps we supply are all high quality mechanical sealed. And they are dual-sealed in fact. Furthermore, all the components or the spare parts are completely same with NOV Mission Magnum pump

The submersible slurry pump is popular product since its anti-abrasion feature. And it’s very easy to operate&maintain. The submerge length is customizable

The screw pump is many options for user. Such as the wet parts material, and the wearing parts material. Also the pump frequency or flow rate. Materials can be S.S304, 316, 316L, 321, HNBR, and so on

After all, for these pumps we can provide you custom built services. Such as driven mode, the mounting pattern, power, and color, and so on.

Please contact AIPU Solids Control for more information. Trust you’ll get the best solution or optimal proposal soon. Leave comments below you’ll get special discount with 6 months validity from your comment date


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