Dual motion shaker for sale at Aipu solids control

Dual motion shaker is the shale shaker holding two motion. It can be switched to linear motion or balanced elliptical motion.

Dual motion shaker information

Aipu manufactures high quality dual motion shale shaker. The vibration mode can be easily switched between 2 modes on control panel. It’s rather easy to operate and maintain

Before, dual motion shale shakers request 3 screen motors. During the development on shaker technology and motors improvement, the dual motion shaker now only need 2 motors by different design on eccentric block.

Dual motion shaker

Dual motion shaker

Dual motion shaker can be operated easily under certain working condition. When we request large flow rate and better dryer solids, linear motion is better for us. If we prefer the better filtration performance the BEM is more suitable for users.

This year, we’ve delivered over 10 sets dual motion shaker and mud cleaner. Clients are very happy with our design, product quality, and the performance.

Aipu dual motion shale shaker

No matter it is dual motion or not, the shaker screens are very important to a shale shaker. Per different mud capacity demand, we can select different screen motors with 2HP, 2.5HP and so on. The vibration strength can be 6G, 6.5G, or 7.5G.

Shaker screen for Dual motion shaker including framed shaker screens, hook strip screen. The framed screen panel including steel frame and composite frame screen. Hook strip screen can be flat or corrugated panel

How to order?

Please contact Aipu solids control for more information. Including the detail technical specification, the drawings, the spare parts may request. How to customize it for you?

Or you need price of Aipu Dual motion shaker? Please tell us When will you need it? The whole mud system flow rate or drilling rig model. Any other special requirement or not? We are proud to serve clients with OEM and ODM services.

For example, usually, our equipment are RED color. But last time we print orange color for that customer. Anyway, contact AIPU now!


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