Shale shaker screens shelf life

Shaker screens shelf life means how long should we put screens in stock before operation or use.

Shale Shaker screens life

Screen panel life is important issue to identify their quality. Although there are many related issues on shaker screens service life the final result is direct impression for users. Shale shaker situation, working condition, operation, drilling mud property, well drilling status all contribute screen life length

Shaker screens shelf life

Shaker screens shelf life

Usually, we’ll be asked by customer “how long will you screen last?”. To be honest, we can’t give the definite answers immediately as different users operate screens under condition vary much. This will lead dramatically different result or performance

For example, we sent same screens to 2 different users. They both are very satisfied with our screens. But, one user told us the screen sample last 180hours the other user told us the screen sample last 440hours. They both compared our screen with original shaker screens. We also ever sent same screens to another 2 different users. One told us they were unsatisfied as screen panel last only 3days, but another one told us screen panel last 14 day.

We really can’t promise any client or user the exact service life but we can try to find the detail working condition of former shaker screens as your reference. Please do trust we keep improving our shaker screen according to practical feedback and users’ suggestion. Also give us your kind support on providing detail condition for providing better solution to you

Shaker screens shelf life

Why do we take this topic? Just days ago, one of our customer sent us feedback on our shaker screens. Unfortunately, they last only few hours. Honestly speaking, we have never met such situation among so many repeated orders.

Shaker screens life

Shaker screens life

Then we tracked this batch shaker screens we found someone record screens by mistake. He marked old shaker screens as new one to be delivered but new ones were left on shelf. It’s ridiculous but it did happen… And we checked the production time even earlier than 2014.

We are sincerely sorry to bring our valued user such inconvenience. We’ll send same quantity screens ASAP and we’ll pay all freight charge as compensation. After this issue, we found the shaker screens shelf life is not as long as we expected(2-3years). As we know some shaker screen panels will be fabricated with glue and rubber. If we put panels in stock long time the screens itself may be broken and after short time it will break down seriously. Aipu kindly suggest you set shaker screens shelf life to be 1-1.5 year.

If you have further question about shaker screens shelf life please contact Aipu freely


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