Shaker screen layers and impact during operation

Shaker screen layers means the layer overlap design and the detail of screen cloth we use. What is difference among mesh configurations? What is the detail?

Shaker screen layers

Different screen manufacturer will design and configure screen panel with different mesh and layers. Some screens are made with 3 layers screen cloth, some are 2, but some will be 4. Also based on mesh size or the API size we need, there will be different configuration

Most popular ones are 2-3 layers screen. Kindly suggest make shaker screen as 3 layers begin from API 80. That means, API 80, API 100, until to API 325 are all 3 layers. Usually, we’ll set the coarse screen sized 14-18 mesh as the first layer, and the finest one is top layer contact drilling fluids.

Shale shaker screen material

Shale shaker screen material

The screen layers don’t mean only filtration but also provide support function for each screen layer.

Different combination on screen mesh and layers

There are different combination on screen cloth for shaker screen. For example, we can use all 3 layers screen with square hole also can use screen cloth with rectangular hole. The bottom support wire mesh can be 12 mesh, 14 mesh, or 18, 20 mesh. The wire diameter can be 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and so on.

Above configuration difference lead different cut point or separation size. So we may understand, why many suppliers provide same mesh screen but they are different API size. Some 80 mesh are API 60, but some are API 80. Also, we find same manufacturer provides API 80 with different shaker screen layers configuration. Then there are HP A 80, DX A80, or RHD and so on

Shaker screen layers

Shaker screen layers

Aipu shaker screen and layers

Aipu is professional manufacturer of shaker screen panels. We are proud to say we’ve got API RP13C compliant test report in 2014. Now, our shaker screens are 2 or 3 layers per different API size. Coarser than API 80 are 2 layers, finer than that are 3 layers.

If some clients request lower price screen, we’ll provide 2 layers configuration. No matter framed screen or hook strip screen the configuration are similar.

There is another special type shaker screen, the unbonded screen. It is only one layer with very strong and thick wire mesh cloth.

If you need shaker screen or you are interested in shaker screen layers information please contact Aipu freely.


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