Shaker screens life and performance

Shaker screens life is key issue deciding the quality. Longer service life definitely give users more satisfaction and confidence also save more cost

Shaker screens life

Obviously, shaker screens life is how long can it last on a shale shaker. The same model/size shaker screens may reflect dramatically different life time if we use them under different working condition. Such as the drilling fluid property, the drilling depth, the geology, ambient temperature,etc. Of course, different operators and workers on shaker screen will lead different screen life as well. And the screen selection on at different drilling procedure will reflect rather different result

We ever sent same size shaker screens to 2 different client. They are corrugated shaker screen replacement for FLC504 series screen. Their mesh sizes are same, however, one user told us the usable life is 160 hours with satisfaction, the other user told us it can last over 400 hours. So much difference,ye? The difference came from the working condition.

Other performance of shaker screens

Besides shaker screens life there are still other performance/feature reflect screen quality. Such as the filtration efficient, conductance data, appearance and compliance, etc. High filtration efficient request as more open area as possible that means we should control the non-blanked area at min. level. The conductance data should be tested by professional unit under ISO or API standard to achieve standardized level. For the appearance, no doubt, utilize qualified raw materials and process them by advanced device also finish them with quality paint oil or polyster powder.

Shaker screens life-ref.

Shaker screens life-ref.

Shaker screen rubber seal is another issue affecting screens life. Some rubber strip can’t bear long time in the oil based mud. Then rubber will pill off the shaker shaking come subsequently soon. Finally, shaker screen will be broken swiftly. Moreover, shaker screens without rubber seal will lead shaker performance worse than usual.

How we verify shaker screen life and performance

To verify a shaker screens life and performance we must understand complete working condition well. We have to know under same working condition which shaker screen can provide better quality and performance. Many users will take original screens as standard level, if under same operation condition we compare same type screens from different suppliers we’ll find difference easily.

For example, we can put 3 panels 48×30 series flat screen replacement on original shaker. (Screens are API 200) Working condition is drilling depth about 4000m, core diameter about 156mm of Multiple lateral well. Lets suppose under such working condition original Derrick 48×30 series flat screen last 300 hours. Under same conditions, if replacement screen last 280~300 hours we decide it is ok. If it last only 40 hours, definitely it’s bad quality

Based on above tips, we can select shaker screens at different prices and get related cost-efficient. If you need more information just come to us.


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