Shaker screens technology and tendency

Shale shaker screens technology reflected on many different aspect. Such as screen frame, wire mesh cloth, material and appearance, etc. We know there are different types screen frame. Both on material and holes. What is the principle/technology and what is future tendency?

Screen frame technology

Different shaker screens panel shapes are used in an attempt to reduce the quantity of panels on each frame but still provide maximum rigidity and support for the wire mesh/screen cloth attached to them. The purpose of reducing these panels is to maximize usable screening area as the walls of each panel get in the way of the mesh and prevent it from being used, this is known as “blanking”.

The non-blanked screening area of shaker screens is widely used as a selling feature, the more screen surface you have available to work the more efficient your shaker becomes and therefore can handle a higher quantity of fluid. This is an important issue affecting users’ selection on screens

We ever introduced some information in last text. Shaker screen frame differs lead much difference on screen quality and performance.

Shaker screens binding agent

Binding technique decides shale shaker screen adhesive force on screen frame. If the binding technique is poor the screen will be broken very soon since the cuttings will abrade wire mesh via the distance. And under the vibration of shaker, the screen cloth is easier to peel off from the structure than staying steadily without operation.

Pyramid type shaker screen

Pyramid shaker screen

The binding agent is the material used to bind the mesh to the screen frame, it is designed to maximize adhesion to both materials while being able to handle high heat, strong vibration, abrasive cuttings and corrosive drilling fluids.

Plastic or composite shaker screens tend not to use adhesives but rather heat the mesh and melt it into the screen frame to form a bond. Great bond of composite screens will be stronger than steel frame screen binding

3D shaker screen technology

3D Screen Technology- One of the more recent advances in oilfield screen technology has brought us the “3D screen”, this technology is an innovative method for increasing the screening area of a shale shaker without the need to build larger, heavier and more expensive shakers. It has been the advanced tendency in shaker screen industry past decade.

Generally the 3D screen area is increased by 25%. That means the effective area or the non-blanked area is much larger. So the handling capacity is much higher. And it helps to get better filtration result but less mud loss possibility.

When seen from the side these screens look like corrugated cardboard, having a flat bottom and wave like shapes on top. These waves are designed to increase the surface area of the screen panel by building up instead of flat, thereby maximizing the surface area of the screen without the need to build larger machines

The innovator is Derrick Corp of USA. Such 3D shaker screen technology got most users’ appreciation. There are different claims in regards to the reason for the improved performance of these 3D screens such as Increasing the screening area of each panel transfers the load across more surface area and therefore the wear tends to be decreased in comparison to other type shaker screens.

What will be future hi-tech tendency ? Anyhow, we should consider all issues as users or operators. Finally, we can get best solutions on shale shaker screens and other items

How do you like different screen technology? Do you prefer flat panel or corrugated panel? No matter which type or model, please let us know if you have demand.


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