How to en-long shaker screen life

Shaker screen life is always issue caught users’ attention. Since any failure may cause screen replacement, which takes time and energy. Almost operators hate uninstalling or installing the screen too frequently. We need to find way to get shaker screen life longer

Shaker screen life and failures?

Find essential screen failure reason we can solve the problem well soon. We’ll introduce some information on fast screen corrosion and method to en-long shaker screen life

Shaker screen life

Shaker screen life

Shaker screen will be broken soon since multiple reasons. Including poor quality screen, the tension force on screen, operate shale shaker illegally, drilling mud or objects jam, improper selection on mesh size, incorrect cleaning way, etc. Any issue may lead shaker screen broken quickly.

When we face screen problems how should we avoid or modify operation conditions? When the screen is not tensioned tightly enough will make screen shock or shake. This shock will break screen edge or rubber seal; shaker screens are usually made as 2 or more layers. One is screen cloth the others are the support or stress layer. All layers should be bonded together closely

Suggested selection/operation way

If screen have poor pretension the screen plate tight even while screen cloth is not tensed as bonded plate the drilled cuttings or solids particles will block together without disposal. Then decrease screen life or break shaker screen very rapidly.

Anyway, we kindly suggest reliable shaker screen supplier or manufacturer. The screens from them will be qualified enough and less failures, longer usable life. When the drilling cuttings block on shaker screen or make jam in screen holes we should increase the vibration amplitude to avoid quick screen corrosion; we can spray water to wash screens and decrease cuttings viscosity. (This method is ONLY suitable for job site supplying sufficient water.)

Another way is to adjust shaker deck angle this will help drilling fluids flow away faster. But this method may lead drilling fluid by pass without process. We can change present screen to different mesh screen or adjust single screen flow rate to ensure drilling fluid stop point is near to screen output. To dispose drilling cuttings easily under lubrication of drilling fluids

To get problems solved completely and en-long shaker screen life we need to maintain screens timely during operation. Of course, certain shaker screen maintenance should be achieved according to practical situation.

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