Shale shaker screens feedback

Shaker screens feedback is important on judging screen quality. How should a shaker screen feedback be?

Shaker screens feedback information

We always talk about shaker screens performance and quality should be verified according to practical working condition. The screens feedback should include all related information. Such as drilling condition, mud property, general ambient environment, etc.

Feedback information should be indicating drilling site address, drilling depth/size, general ground condition or geology information, drilling cuttings property, mud features, shaker screen model, screen service life, the main failure and supposed failure reason, if possible, also the suggested improvement.

Shaker screens feedback

Shaker screens feedback

Such information does not only ensure feedback objective and true but also provide great reference to improve screens quality. Aipu or all shaker screens manufacturer promise customer-oriented service. The shaker screens feedback with detail information really help much.

Treat screens feedback objectively

Some clients will express huge disappointment on failed shaker screens then give up present supplier forever even their former screens are durable enough. We kindly suggest treat shaker screens failure objectively and calmly. Lets find out the true reason and get problem solved

Even under same condition original shaker screens may last not as long as you expect.When we face the failure, please consider all related issues may affect screen performance. Moreover, any product will have some shortcoming on certain aspect. Just like cars, even the Jaguar, BMW, Benz, may recall the cars with some blemish after sale. We should treat problems objectively and solve them under mutual efforts. As shaker screen manufacturer, we are more sad than users on shaker screen failures.

Shaker screen feedback

Shaker screen feedback

The important thing after problem happening is to solve problem and improve shaker screen quality to prevent same failure for better and better products. We trust under mutual efforts all problem will be solved swiftly and successfully.

Both shaker screen supplier and user should be rational. Users treat performance objectively, while suppliers treat feedback urgently and intelligently.

Aipu shaker screens feedback

Many users tested Aipu shaker screens of various type. Rare users will give us practical feedback with detail working condition. But according to all feedback of our customers, they are satisfied with our shaker screens.

During our cooperation there were some failures and dissatisfaction in deed. However, thanks to clients’ kind support and time we have chance to improve ourselves by and by. Finally now, our customers all express their satisfaction on our shaker screens and our service

Really appreciate all our users. They provide us actual feedback, valued guidance, and practical suggestion help us produce better and better shaker screens.

If you want to know more detail on Aipu shaker screen feedback you can contact us anytime


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