Shaker screen sample for your test

Shaker screen panel is expendables. All drilling rigs treat shaker screen panels as important wearing parts. No matter the quality or quantity for the drillers are key issues.

Why we need shaker screen panel sample

For all drilling contractors the shaker screens are very important thing in whole well drilling. As shale shaker always is emphasized critical equipment for oil and gas drilling. Shaker screen panel is key part on shale shaker, definitely request more attention and higher requirement

Many contractors will select original shaker screen panel to during whole drilling. They trust original ones provide better performance and longer life to save general cost and time. But screens are expendables and based on different condition the screen usable life will be rather different. Then many users begin seeking interchangeable ones to save much cost.

Shaker screen sample

Shaker screen sample

Another problem came subsequently, whose replacement are qualified? Which screen manufacturer can be trusted? Just take it easy as we can test the shaker screen sample. Test shaker screen sample can result followings. We know they do fabricate shaker screen panel or not, we can find detail at least the appearance or technique of shaker screen, we get actual performance under certain condition, it’s easier for us verify screens quality soon

Aipu provide free screen sample

Aipu produce high quality shaker screens. For many different brands or types. To promote our screens all over the world. We wish our screens get more and more appreciation. You can get free shaker screen panel sample. But please give us type or model number you need, quantity you request. Most important thing is you must give us actual feedback from drilling site. The feedback report should include working condition, mud property, drilling depth, shaker screen service life, failures, etc. and kindly stamp&sign it as authorized one.

We can receive many requests on free sample but we’ll divid them into different classes then confirm which clients should be the testers. Aipu trust if customer send us special requirements with detail and promise us practical feedback they must give us helpful suggestion or comments on shaker screen panel improvement. And we trust they are very valuable clients.

How request free shaker screen sample?

Just as we talked before. for shaker screen panel test we must confirm the screen type or model number we need. The mesh size or API size we request. According to actual working condition to confirm all related issues. If we can’t make sure some information we’d better toward to our professional guidance or technical support

Then tell us quantity you need give us your address with exact phone number and concerned people. We promise we Aipu will send the screen sample ASAP. Please also remember to give us sealed actual feedback. Let our time, efforts and all things be meaningful.

If you need free sample or your friends need shaker screen sample to test please contact us now.


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