Shaker screen rubber for protection

Shaker screen rubber refers to shaker screen back side sealing rubber, or the rubber strip between screen panel and shaker deck

Shaker screen rubber introduction

Shaker screen rubber

Shaker screen rubber

Rubbers for protecting shaker screens including crown strips on shaker deck as well as the rubber seal on screen back side. It protects shaker screens by preventing metal-against-metal deterioration by absorbing shocks caused by materials falling on the screen. Also serves to keep the screen cloth in place. We also call crown strips as crown strip rubber. It can be made of abrasion-resistant SBR/GUM/NDR and so on.

The shape or style of shaker screen rubber on deck can be rectangular, or trapezoidal from side view. Some rubber seal on screen panel are made of NDR and shaped semicircular with hollow, or some rubber strip will be sticked by digital machine with special rubber holding more adhesive force as well as flexibility.

Rubbers on different shaker screen

Different shaker screens will request different rubbers. Especially the rubbers on shaker deck. For example, the former designed KC series shaker screen and VENOM screen will request different crown strip rubber on deck support beam

Furthermore, some pretensioned screen with frame don’t request rubber seal backside. Usually, we’ll suggest clients select screen panels with rubber seal sticked by machine for hook strap screen. But nowadays, more and more users prefer all of screen configured with such sealing rubber

Aipu shaker screen rubber

First of all, all rubber for shaker screen or on shaker deck will be made of high quality raw material with great durability, oil-resistance, wear-resistance, and so on features. They are not bad reclaimed rubber.

Secondly, the rubbers can be customized with different color, shape and style. But usually, they are black ones. Now, if no special requirements we’ll configure rubber seal with adhesive backed foam. It is durable and adaptable during shaker operation


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