Brandt VSM300 secondary screen replacement manufacturer

Brandt VSM300 secondary screen is just for one deck of V300 shale shaker. VSM300 is one balanced elliptical shaker of NOV Brandt for solids control. VSM300 screen are pre-tensioned screens with steel frame or composite frame. Please find following more information

Brandt VSM300 secondary screen

VSM300 shale shaker is holding three decks. The first deck is scalping, then the primary, last deck is called secondary deck or drying deck. Totally, the VSM300 request 11 pcs screen. All of them are framed screen and pre-tensioned type

Secondary screen of V300 is a very small piece. But its length is same as upper 2 deck screen. That means VSM300 shaker screen are same width in parallel with discharge end. Actually, the Brandt VSM300 secondary screen is not the same framed screen as other. It is more likely the complete screen panel as the plate and support frame different with other framed screens.

Brandt VSM300 secondary screen replacement

Brandt VSM300 secondary screen replacement

VSM300 secondary screen detail

The secondary screen will be supported by a plate reinforced by a small channel like beam. the punched hole on panels can be hexagonal, triangle, square or rectangular shape.

For VSM300 secondary screens there will be light weight XF and RHD type. The difference between them is cut point based on D100, conductance, and non-blanked area. Then we also can find difference among different open area, conductance, and cut point.

V300 secondary screens manufacturer

NOV Brandt, the original VSM300 screens make. At the same time, world famous shaker manufacturer and screen manufacturer including Derrick, MI-Swaco, Halliburton, Aipu solids control, Fluids System, etc.

All listed company can make this Brandt VSM300 secondary screen. BTW, you will also find more information on other shaker screens at Aipu. Aipu is able to make all makes and modes shaker screen in oilfield. To find price, more information on high quality VSM300 Screens? Please don’t hesitate to contact Aipu right now.


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