Shaker screens material and appearance

Shaker screens material is not only the screen cloth material but also the plate, the frame, the rubber strip, etc.

General shaker screens material

To get all materials cleared firstly lets introduce shaker screen structure or parts. Shaker screen panel consists of screen cloth, plate/or support frame, the rubber strip under tube. Usually, the screen cloth also called the wire mesh is made of high quality S.S304~316L to insure rust-free, and more durability. Based on clients’ demand the wire grade is optional at different budget level.

shaker screens material

shaker screens material

For the plate supporting screen layers, almost of them are made of cold rolled plate (a kind of carbon steel plate) thicks 1.5~2mm. Rare clients will request S.S plate. The plate will be punched with different shape holes.

The support frame will be welded with square tubes and plate together if the screens are steel framed one. If the shaker screen panel is composite framed the square tubes will be welded well and embedded in composite material after injecting plastic process. The composite material consists plastic, rubber, fiber, etc.

Ye, there are also the polyurethane screens made of high quality urethane with 2 side support rod embedded in urethane material. Another type urethane screen is made by M-I SWACO™

Different shaker screen appearance

Thanks to various shale shaker type we have shaker screens appearance differ variously. For example, Derrick Corporation produce the FLC500™ series screen as PWP™, PMD™, and PMD+™ types. That means the screens surface are flat, and corrugated.

Shaker screens appearance

Shaker screens appearance

Then the shaker screens can be hook strap ones both soft and hard back support, can be framed type. On shaker screen panels, we can find many different shaped holes punched on support plate. Such as the rectangular hole, triangle one, hexagonal hole, square hole, etc.

Final issue on appearance is the color. Presently we provide green, blue, red, gray, orange colored screens. Others will be available upon requests

More options on shaker screen

About 20 years shaker screen experience we know many clients will have customized demand. So we provide more options on shaker screen. Such as the perforated hole shape, the material, the color, the layers, etc.

Aipu solids control will work with you to ensure timely quotes and scheduled deliveries. Ask about your specific item or product needs, and we will do our best to fulfill your requests. We make every effort to make sure every screen meets your standards.

*Derrick, FLC500, PWP, PMD, PMD+ are all marks of Derrick Corporation


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