Shaker screen features impacting shaker performance and quality

Shaker screen features will affect shale shaker performance per field practice. How they impact it? What is the detail?

What are the shaker screen features?

Based on API RP13C, the screen panel features including the cut point, the conductance, the non blanked area. What is the actual impact or issue? Cut point means under D100, the mesh size of solids separated out of materials. Such as 300microns, 63microns, and so on. The conductance is an important issue to define the screens filtration efficiency. And the non blanked area is another reference of effective filtration area.

Shaker screen features

Shaker screen features

If consider the screens thoroughly on many different aspects, there are features of screen form, screen quality, screen appearance, screen fitness or compatibility, shaker screen weight, and so on

What are good features of high quality shaker screen? The high conductance, the larger effective filtration area, as well as the exact cut point per API RP13C, and the right fit on shaker during operation. The applicability means the selection of certain screens for shaker will do help to enhance screen performance or get long life screens

How AIPU get well featured shaker screen?

Good shaker screen features will help users to decrease maintenance cost and enhance shaker performance. AIPU focus on making high quality screen with great features. How can we achieve that?

High quality screen

AIPU Shaker screen

From the very beginning of shaker screen fabrication. We’ll select high quality stainless steel wire mesh, The standard and accurate opening screen cloth. Also the support frame, and composite frame materials.

During manufacture, we’ll do strict inspection after each procedure. Such as screen cutting, frame welding, composite frame injection, vulcanization, and so on. Furthermore, AIPU screen configuration has been tested per API RP13C with conform result

Order screen panel from AIPU Solids control

Place order on screen panel to AIPU Solids you will enjoy below:

1. High quality screen with great features.

2. High cost-effectiveness solution.

3. Economical solution in macroscopical view.

4. Circumspect service.

5. Professional suggestion for optimal use on screen panels


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