Screen mesh size mostly used on drilling mud shale shaker

Screen mesh size here means the API number of shaker screen. It is a range of screen filtration cut point. During the certain range at certain drilling phase the shaker request different mesh size.

Screen mesh size popular at AIPU Solids

Popular screen mesh size is ranged from API 100 to API 170. Then API 80, API 60, API 230, API 270, API325. As we know the shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment to get rid of cuttings larger than 75 microns. However, according to actual drilling practice the screens on shaker mostly used API 100 to API 170.

Then the screens on mud cleaner are finer from API 200 to API 325. Compared to screen on shale shaker, the screens on mud cleaner last longer since the less particles and finer cuttings. That means the loading for mud cleaner screen is less.

Screen mesh size

Screen mesh size

Among the screens delivered, the popular mesh size API 100-170 are at rate of 70%. Some clients even only purchase screen sized API 140, and API 170.

Difference between shaker screen and wire cloth mesh

We know the shaker screen is made from wire cloth or wire mesh. So, some clients think the shaker screen mesh size is same with wire mesh size. Actually, they are different

For almost shaker screens, we use 2-3 layers wiremesh to configure the screen panel. That means the general cut point and separation range will vary from the single layer wire cloth. And the mesh size is not the API size. As we know the API size means a certain range of separation point under D100 designation according to API RP13C or the ISO13501.

So, the difference including cut point and the penetration or conductance. Single layer wire cloth just tell us this cloth mesh size and the approximate opening size. As we know it is related with the wire diameter, too.

Screen panel

Screen panel

How to order proper mesh size screen?

Please consider to consult the mud engineer as the first option. If there is no engineer available, please tell us your working condition. Including but not limited to the drilling condition, mud property, the flow rate you need, the shaker information, the discharge result you prefer. Such as you need drier material and so on.

Based on above information or data, we can get a proper solution for you. Just contact us freely if you have any demand or question on screen mesh size

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